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With pleasure we can inform that project START UP help our participants to join to the new initiative connecting with our main aim of project. They project ALTERNA SPACE gave our particpants idea to create something similar in their town.They realize their idea which they would like present us in July is really important. The showed us how our education should looks like. On the project they thought about tools and the the best way how they can make it. Now they use it this experience in their country. We keep our fingers cross and waitnig for more.

Also we have a information that we gave our participants a background for make their START UP's in future. They want to use knowledge and experinece from our project.

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Our experience after the project

Some of the participants share with us their personal experience on dealing with project's results in their daily life:

Personally I fund knowledge from this project useful in my life. I had an occasion proposed a crowdfunding method for my acquaintance who collects money for sports competition in Australia. Also knowledge from Start-up project helped me with writing CV. What is more group activities made me a confidence in using english so I don’t have any problems to communicate with people from abroad on my university. The START-UP left me the knowledge that for sure I’m going to use in the future to made my own start-up.
- Kasia

The project Start Up gave me a lot of experience . It helps me in school , because i learn economy and i have more knowledge then my friends. I practised my English and i think that im better in speaking . I met many friends and i had very nice time
- Magda

I used this project as an example at my University, precisely for the job's exam to explain a type of job for young people and I explain also my experience about erasmus+
- Ann

I understood what is marketing, business plan and so on, so now i'm trying to generate idea which i could develop later using this knowledge I got from the project. 
- Vidas

It was of good use the fact that I participated in that project. Now I'm studying Management and that project gave me a few insights about it
plus that I'm planning to become an entrepreneur. And one again the project was useful.


And some good photos just as the reminder of our excellent workshops: :)

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START - UP promo movie !

This is our promo movie. Its short and enthusiastic and main goal is to share Erasmus+ possibilities and the great ambience on the whole project. 

So lets share and promote Erasmus+ 

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Saturday & Sunday

Saturday & Sunday, 25-26.07.2015                     

This day has started with energizer relaxation. We put in a circle and everyone has got a massage to the person who had by his side. Then, we put a paper on our back, and everyone has to write something impressions about the others people, a nice thing or an advice for the life.
After this part, we do another circle and we throw a ball of string to each other and we saw which are the impressions about this project, what we have learnt and thing that will miss to us. Then, was a emotional moment, because we cut the string but we promise to keep each other in our hearts. We kept a part of this string at our hands, to have a memories.
The first part of the day was the most emotional. Everyone has thinking that is the moment to leave and we realized that we became a big familiy and is very hard to separated. Justina gave the start at crying, then a lot of people joined. After that it was a group hug and a lot of tears.

Last day we go to Zakopane. A part of us went to do speed rafting, on a river, at the border of Poland and Slovakia. It was a great experience, even it was raining and was very cold. But finally, we returned happy, but very tired.
The other part went to Zakopane and had a walk to the Tatra Mountain, with elevator, and then we go at shopping in the town, to bought souvenirs.
In the evening we went with Aga at the bus station, for gave her a last big hug. Then we turn at the hotel and eat a lot, for a long and beautiful day.

Lucia (Italy) and Minodora (Romania)

Today was a very emotional day, at the very morning everyone wrote each other a nice message, that lead everyone to tears. It was the sadest day, we learnt a lot in these days, but in this one we learnt to love each other. Now I appriciate every oppurtunity to meet new people and learn about them, because everyone is like a book, everyone has hers or his own story. I hope that everyone will learn from this blog by reading it.
In the evening we found out our secret friends. We had a wonderful time that we will never forget. After that we took our youthpasses, took wonderful photos, lovely photos with everyone. Hugged out one more time and said a last goodbye for now.

piątek, 24 lipca 2015


Friday, 24.07.2015

Today we took classes that aimed to become familiar with the positive examples of professional success of young people: "Alternate way". We were coming up with innovative projects based on modern technologies and offering completely new products. Before that we brainstorming and presented searched before project's well known start-ups from our countries.
After that we tried to sell our start-ups it was really good fun and we also learned a lot new things.
Alina, Poland

Some well known start ups ...

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Thursday 23.08.2015

Last night was Lithuanian Night and it was awesome!!! They welcomed us with the traditional bread with salt and gave us TrejosDevynerios to taste. Afterwards they served us cold beet and cucumber soup called Šaltibaršciai as well as other Lithuanian specialties. Everything tasted wonderful and the table was beautiful decorated. The evening continued with a funny yet captivating and interesting video about Lithuania. It included everything from the national sport which is basketball to information about politics and pop culture. After the video was over we had a quiz in which prizes were won. After dinner we divided ourselves into pairs and danced traditional dances which were great! The evening was so beautiful! 

Today we focused on personal development. The morning started with an energizer which involved playing rock paper scissors and finishing 4 stages of the game to win. It was indeed energizing! Afterwards we started talking about personal values. We took two quizzes to see what values we identify with, how they differ from person to person and whether they vary on a personal level and on a professional one. For some people they did and for some they did not. We concluded that it would be ideal for our values to coincide on both plans. Straight after breakfast we took everything to the next level and used the values that we talked about earlier to form life and vocational goals. This was a great opportunity to discover ourselves and explore what we really want and what motivates us. In the evening we made Pierogi! The Polish team organized a really fun workshop in which we learned how to make Pierogi from scratch. The highlight of the evening was when Bogdan threw Larisa and Silvia into the pool. Everyone jumped in afterwards. It was wonderful!


Wednesday, 22.07.2015

Yesterday we spend time on advertising and branding ("to advertise"), and our aim was to develop creativity. It was also an opportunity to discuss the issue of manipulation of the advertising industry.
Afternoon, we have some active time on walk tour in mountain.
Alina, Poland

Yesterday we had half - day trip to the "Tatry" mountain. We walk at a leisurely pace which help in watching beauty views. When we achived our goal we divided to the two group and I was the conductor of one group. It is new experience for me and I was really glad that I brought the group to the target.
Marcin, Poland

Informal environment helps everyone socialize more. Climbing mountains was hard, but with good friends we did it. After climbing we could rest in the pool, from where opens beautiful mountain panorama. It was a rest for a body and a soul. After this beautiful day, when we got to know each other better, we will realise our idea in more efficient way
Justina, Lithuania